My name is A. Lee and I work to give you the digital building blocks for your small to medium sized business.  Below are some of the services I can provide.

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I can help bring your ideas to life with technical illustrations or stylized works of art.

Web Design

Work with me to create a unique and versetile website that fits your unique business.

Email Newsletters

 A matching newsletter is the perfect way to complement your website & keep in contact.

Brand Identity

 Let me help you create a unique concept for your business that gives your brand a voice.

Brand Identity & Print

We will work together to create a cohesive look and feel for your business, from logo design, to colors, fonts and marketing.  Inquire below to learn more!

Women of Email


The Client

Women of Email is a professional network female identifying group of email professionals ranging from marketers to developers aimed at promoting female leadership within the email community.

The Objective

Re-Design the Women of Email brand to better represent the Women of Email community. The goal was to combine their mascot, a goat, with the niche market of Email.

The Solution

The identity for the Women of email is based on the visual representation of upward motion of email combined with the imagery of their mascot. I wanted to represent movement and the act of sending email with the goat. I chose thick bold lines that would easily represent small as well as large. The font is strong yet feminine and yet practical, representing both the simplicity of email and the feminine nature of the group.


Reaching New Heights


The Client

Reaching New Heights is a non profit organization built on the idea of creating a safe community and conversation between teens and police officers through rock climbing.

The Objective

To design a logo that combined the concept of police officers with rock climbing.

The Solution

I worked from Tara at Reaching New Heights to come up with a color palate that combined police blues with the natural elements that are inherent to the outdoors. The badge itself aims to provide a youthful and camp-like nature to the brand that can appeal to both outdoorsy adults and children.


Trail Runner Magazine Winter Warrior


The Client

Trail Runner Magazine is the premier magazine for Trail Running around the world.

The Objective

To design a badge logo for Trail Runner Magazine's Winter Warrior trail series.

The Solution

I wanted to help Trail Runner to create a logo that incorporated their established brand identity into a badge logo that represented the duality of winter running. I chose to use the established Trail Runner fonts that are both timeless and clear descriptors of the brand.


Tiny Climbers


The Client

Tiny Climbers is a passion project.  Created by Rachel, an avid climber, Tiny Climbers is a company that creates a unique gift for climbers and their friends.

The Objective

To create a logo that depicts the colorful and playful nature of these tiny climbing hold magnets.

The Solution

Tiny climbers is a brand where I took the shapes of the product and incorporated it directly into the logo. I attempted to use the colors provided to me by the creator to create a cohesive image out of the unique shapes. The font I used is a clean and playful font that can read well large and small

Tiny Climbers.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.14.26 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 10.15.53 AM.png

Fly Nutrition


The Client

Fly Nutrition is a nutrition consultation business owned by runner extraordinary; Kylee Van Horn based in the Roaring Fork Valley.

The Objective

Fly Nutrition needed to embody movement and nutrition and appeal to the active community in the Roaring Fork Valley

The Solution

I wanted to combine wings and healthy fruit and vegetables into a brand mark in order to simulate motion and reflect the name "Fly Nutrition". I also chose to use bright colors pinks and greens in order to represent health and vibrancy.

FLYNutrition Logo_Fly Nutrition.jpg

Entrepreneurs & Investors Confluence


The Client

The Entrepreneurs and Investors Confluence is a yearly conference that showcases entrepreneurs in the Roaring Fork Valley. This unique Roaring Fork Valley based conference is an annual meeting of the minds in order to source funding for start ups. At the confluence, eight entrepreneurs pitched their businesses to investors sitting in the front row; Startup Colorado, Creator Colorado Venture Fund, Telluride Venture Accelerator and Four Points Funding.

The Objective

To create a simple logo that combined the letters E and I in a unique way.

The Solution

This conference is all about ideas and influencers coming to the Roaring Fork Valley. I took the letters E and I and combined the I into the classic lightbulb idea imagery. I wanted the logo to have a professional and modern look but also incorporated the warmth and glow of ideas and growth.



Savannah Dirt

The Client

Savannah Dirt is a grassroots organization that believes through sustainability and community, we can make Savannah Georgia a vibrant, clean and verdant living space.

The Objective

To create a brand identity that incorporated Savannah’s iconic live oak with a grassroots feel.

The Solution

I created a logo that separated the tree from the roots by the words “Savannah Dirt” to show how there’s something that makes up the foundation of the beauty of Savannah. They type treatment I chose was a organic looking slab serif in order to represent the natural elements of the cause. The owners wanted this to be a national movement where Savannah could be replaced with any city.



Rock & Ice: Gear Tested

The Client

Rock and Ice magazine is a world renowned climbing magazine that showcases the best climbing photography and writing.

The Objective

To design a badge logo for Rock and Ice's gear section of the magazine. It was made to mark gear that has been reviewed by the Rock & Ice team for either 100 pitches or 100 days.

The Solution

The Editor and Chief wanted to create a simple badge logo with a gear symbol that represented the tough nature of the gear. I took a bold font and coupled it with a grunge texture to provide a rough and tumble identity.


Rock and Ice + Trail Runner Print


The Client

Rock & Ice Magazine is the premiere climbing magazine created by climbers, for climbers.  Trail Runner magazine is the only source for trail running tips, news and training information.  






Weekend Whipper


The Client

Rock and Ice magazine is a world renowned climbing magazine that showcases the best climbing photography and writing.

The Objective

The Weekend Whipper is an email campaign in which Rock and Ice magazine finds the gnarliest, most terrifying 'whippers' or falls in the climbing world.  I created this graphic for use on web banners, in print and for any and all advertising.

The Solution

I wanted to create something that simulated the situation of falling and fear so I put the viewer of the logo in the shoes of the person taking the ‘whip’. This logo and banner is aimed to catch the attention of people scrolling through the Rock and Ice website.



Savannah Climbing Co-op

The Client

The Savannah Climbing Co-op was created to promote climbing and community in the city of Savannah, Georgia.  This climbing gym is a meeting ground for passionate climbers hoping to find a shared love of this unique sport.

The Objective

Branding the Co-op with a logo that represented the climbing community.

The Solution

I worked in different pieces of climbing gear in order to create the letters of the abbreviated ‘Coop’. The goal was to create a logo that embodies the goofy climbing community that exists in Savannah.



826 DC

In my time at the non-profit organization 826DC I created several different posters for events, print and web sell sheets and invitations before and after their branding re-design. This is a collection of work I created for both the current previous identity of 826DC, a non-profit organization that supports grade school children with their reading and writing skills, and promotes the idea that one on one attention and a strong foundation in writing are fundamental to success.


Web Design

Need a website?  Let's make that happen.  From content managers like Wix and Squarespace to code from scratch, I've got a option to fit your budget!

Rock and Ice


The Client

Rock and Ice magazine is a world renowned climbing magazine that showcases the best climbing photography and writing.

The Objective

I was privileged to be involved in the re-design of the Rock and Ice webpage including the UI/UX and design. They wanted to organize a chaotic home page and create a visual hierarchy that helped the viewer find what they are looking for.

The Solution

I took the existing brand identity of Rock and Ice Magazine and developed several different content displays that could be used to organize the Rock and Ice website. I wanted to simplify the existing content to create a hierarchy that would allow visitors to find the pages of content that they wanted to find while still allowing Rock and Ice to advertise on the web



Rock and Ice: My Epic Podcast

Sponsored by Outdoor Research


The Client

Rock and Ice magazine is a world renowned climbing magazine that showcases the best climbing photography and writing. Outdoor Research is a premiere outdoor brand that makes durable stylish clothing for your outdoor adventures

The Objective

To create a unique User Interface for Rock and Ice’s new podcast “My Epic.”

The Solution

Using the bold and timeless look of Rock and Ice Magazine, I created bold splash pages and a classic look for Rock and Ice’s My Epic. The goal was to create a seamless look that incorporated Rock and Ice’s sharp imagery and clean typefaces with advertising from Outdoor Research.

RI Podcast page_pt2.jpg

Rock and Ice Web Showcase


These product showcases were created to promote individual products and events at both magazines.

Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 3.04.56 PM.png

Cafe gelato


This is a mock up for the Cafe Gelatohh!!! Formerly located in City Market in Downtown Savannah, GA.


Email Marketing

One of the best ways to maintain your clientle is to send a consistent email newsletter.  This tool is a great way to keep in contact with the people you want to reach.

Trail Runner Email Re-Design


I was able to design and code the new design for Trail Runner Magazine's weekly email newsletters, Inside Dirt and Trail Tips.



Rock and Ice Email


When working at Rock and Ice Magazine, I've created specialized emails for our advertisers.



Do you have an idea that you'd like to see on the page (or computer?) I can help your idea come to life through stylized or technical illustrations.

App Omni Illustrations

Illustrations for Marketing purposes for App Omni

appomni_illo2 UPDATE copy.png
Artboard 1 copy.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.09.30 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.10.01 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 3.07.57 PM.png

Aspen Valley Marathon 2019

Poster created for the 2019 Aspen Valley Marathon

avm poster_outlines_2019.jpg

Rock and Ice: My Epic Illustrations


I've worked to create illustrations for the 'My Epic' section of Rock and Ice Magazine



Rock and Ice Technical Drawings


Illustrations created for Rock and Ice magazine


Rifle Rendez-Spew

Illustrations created for the t-shirt and poster for Rifle Rendez-Spew 2018, a climbers festival put on to support the Rifle Climbers Coalition.

Rifle Climbers
Rifle 2018_logos - 22x28.jpg

826 DC Posters

Posters created for events at 826DC